31-12-2014 Konasan

‘Kona’ means angle. Since this asana looks like an angle, it is called ‘konasana’.

Procedure: Stand as shown in the figure. Keeping a shoulder’s distance between the feet spread the arms parallel to the ground and at the shoulder level. Let the palm of your hands face downward. Slowly raise the right hand and keep it straight and adjacent to the ear. Then, slowly bending the waist to the left, try to reach the left ankle using the left hand. Take care that the knees don’t bend, and the ankles remain on ground. Repeat in the other direction.

Repetitions: 5 times in each direction.

Benefits and Effects: In this asana, the waist, ribs, and neck are stretched, which strengthens the ribs. Blood circulation improves. The chest and lungs expand. It helps in diseases like cough, asthma, tuberculosis etcetera. Since the spine is stretched in both the directions, the waist and spine become flexible, and the asana also reduces
the fat accumulated around the waist.

After recovery from an infection, it ensures regular and equal blood supply to all the organs.

It is also good for increasing height, because it involves a great amount of stretching.

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