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Planets and their effect on human life

The moment we look into the sky, we are curious to know the mystery behind the planets governing us from up there! We wonder what those planets are, what the phenomenon behind shooting stars is; why the sun rises every morning and what makes the seasons come one after another.
Human nature is as such that it wants to know the “how” and “why” of everything including our fate – “fate” being the most important issue of our lives. Isn’t it? Well, it must have been this curiosity of humankind, which gave birth, to Astrology.

In our Vedas, we find mention of mantras dedicated to invoke the blessings of planets like sun and moon. With the passage of time, the significance of Astrology became more defined. Research was taken up extensively on the characteristics of planets, their positive and negative impact on people’s lives, remedial measures to ward off their malefic effects, etc.

Horoscope and Planets

According to Indian astrology horoscope is a guide to a person’s life depicting the planetary position at the time of his birth. It is these planetary positions that decide the fate of a person. Nevertheless, to predict a person’s fate it is equally essential to have his or her accurate time, date, and place of birth. Thereafter, an astrologer can really give you minute details of your life graph.
Planets not only affect human beings but also animals, sky, water bodies, etc. in a strange manner - you have high tides and low tides, not to forget tsunamis, in the oceans! On a full moon day (Purnima), an eccentric will be at the height of his/her eccentricity. Many accidents also occur on this particular day. In addition, many people feel unduly excited and disturbed on the night of Purnima. Such is the effect of planets on us!
Our Maharishis devised various remedial measures to protect us from the negative effect of the planets. However, to predict the negative and positive influence of planets on our lives, we must have the correct horoscope.

As per astrology, we have nine planets – Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu (although the astrologers consider the last two planets mere shadows). Every planet has three rashis – “uchch” (very powerful), “swarashi” meaning when a planet is in its own rashi or house; here also it is in a strong position; ‘neech’ rashi, meaning when it is weak.

Sun is in its own sign in Leo
Very powerful in Aries
Weak in Libra

Moon is powerful in its own sign Cancer
Very powerful in Taurus
Weak in Scorpio

Mars (mangal) is powerful in its own sign Aries and Scorpio
Very powerful in Capricorn
Weak in Cancer

Mercury (Budha) is powerful in its own sign Gemini
Very powerful in Virgo
Weak in Pisces

Jupiter (Vrihaspati) is powerful in its own sign Sagittarius and Pisces
Extremely powerful in Cancer
Weak in Capricorn

Venus (Shukra) is powerful in its own sign Taurus and Libra
Extremely powerful in Pisces
Weak in Virgo

Saturn (Shani) is powerful in its own sign Capricorn and Aquarius
Extremely powerful in Libra
Weak in Aries

Dragonhead (Rahu) is powerful in its own sign
Extremely powerful in Taurus and Gemini
Weak in Sagittarius

Ketu is powerful in its own sign Pisces
Extremely powerful in Scorpio and Sagittarius
Weak in Gemini

There are a few ways to increase the strength and positive qualities of a planet. One of them is to wear its corresponding stone or gem. Following are the stones/gems for the respective planets:
Sun – ruby (manikya)
Moon – pearl (moti)
Mars – coral (moonga)
Mercury – emerald (panna)
Jupiter – yellow sapphire (pukhraj)
Venus – diamond (heera)
Saturn – blue sapphire (neelam)
Rahu – hessonite (gomed)
Ketu – cat’s eye (lehsuniya)

Another extremely powerful method is to install an image of the particular malevolent planet at one’s workplace and to propitiate it by prayer and other forms of worship. This can also compound the beneficial effects of planets that are favorably aligned in one’s horoscope .For this purpose, images prepared by Mahesh Vardhan and invoked by Mahatma Pagaldas can be purchased from our shopping section.

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